Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Sometimes I wonder if I have time to do everything.

I want to do everything but when I let something go these days
it is more of a relief than grief.

But my blog?????
No I don't want to go but I am hardly ever here and I am 
not able to visit others much either. 
New career, New priorities have kept me away from the computer
except for work. 

My new partner may want to continue the blog and 
I have seen that done before. That would be fun because I could visit from time to time but then the blog becomes hers
and very different. 

Any ideas?

Love to everyone I am missing. I know I am missing so much 
love and beauty. I truly care about each of you 
and this is breaking my heart!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Designs

It has been awhile but I am still here. 

Focusing on my new job, and getting in better shape. I have really not addressed that in my life for a long time and I know now that this is something I have to do! So those two things are my top priority for now.  But........

I will still be working on the next Glitterfest but with a new partner. She is a stay at home mom who is really talented and wanted something she could do at home. So between the two of us we should be able to keep the Fleurs coming. Here are some of our new designs.......
Kara is our Lovely model here. 
She is such a special person and so sweet. 
She was helping me with the flowers but now is going 
to go away to college and I will miss her! 
Keishia who is my new partner and I will be working on more designs and we will be loading up the Etsy store soon. 

Hope all is well with all of you I will be around today visiting. I am so out of the loop!


Friday, May 28, 2010

More Glitter love!

I did these magnets and put them in a weird spot so they 
did not sell well. (that is what I am telling myself)
I will now put them in 
my Etsy shop!

I so wish I would have had more time to take pictures as
it was such a wonderful day and meeting all
the other artists was SO much fun!
October 2nd (Glitterfest Fall)
will sneak up fast so I need to clean out my
studio for Where Bloggers create
And then get busy messing it up again!

Be sure to visit Amies de Fleur to see some new blogs I have found!


Monday, May 24, 2010

Glitter Love

 Well the glitter has settled and I am  still recovering from the 
wonderful time I had with all of you who 
attended or were a part of Glitterfest 2010 Spring!

Wow what a fun filled, whirlwind of a day. I met so many really nice people and 
I wish I would have had more time to shop and chat because 
I really enjoyed looking at all the gorgeous wares that were brought in by all 
these talented artists. 
Below are a few pictures.........

 Sheryl and Dianne are really the best!
Thanks Girls!
They make it happen!

Stay tuned for details on Glitterfest Fall. 

I will post some more pictures soon.

Monday, May 10, 2010

New Projects

I love this project! 
I had my friends Patti and Sharon over a couple of
weeks ago because we decided to make 
time whenever we could to get some fun projects created. 
It just gives you a little kick in the butt to get 
something you have wanted to do done!

I saw this first in the Pottery Barn catalog. 
It looked a little different than this but I really liked it. 
It never occurred to me that I could make it 
until I saw someone on another blog had made one. 

I knew the girls would love it as much as I did and boy was 
I right! We had so much fun making them and they 
all turned out completely different. 
Of course I did not have my camera that day I have misplaced 
it for more than a month! I just found it and am thrilled to 
show you this. It is easy to make and I will be making more!

I also embellished this cute little clock. 
I collect clocks and I can not seem to resist them when I 
come upon them either on e-bay or at 
a Flea. The one in the back I just got at Remnants of the past!

This little clock was not all that exciting until I added these 
favorite, tiny, vintage flowers. 
The leaves are from an old project that I ripped apart and the 
little bauble on top was from a stem of Christmas berries. 
I was so happy with the way it came out I may 
make more for Glitterfest!

Then lastly I wanted to use this great glass vessel that I found at 
Home Goods. I am not used to having a tropical garden and 
we don't have much out there to go and pick to bring 
inside. When I was living in my little cottage flowers were 
Plentiful and I had fresh ones to choose from each and every day!
So I decided to use some succulents, Sea Shells and a cute
little fish to create a scene. 
What do you think?

I just did the flowers for a friends daughters wedding and will be sharing pictures in the future. The Bride wore one of my 
Organza flowers
in her hair and I was so happy with the way it turned out. 
I will be making more soon!

Sorry it has been so long since I have been here, the camera
being gone really did not help! Then the wedding, work, 
you all know because you all do it too!
Thanks for coming back to visit and for not giving up on me!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Looking Back

Taking a look back 
I bought this house in 2005
It was a terrible mess and 
I remember thinking 
                                                                 What have I done!!!!!
After gutting the kitchen, 
refinishing the floors, 
painting every surface 
I moved in two months later to live 
happily ever after......

These pictures were taken a couple of 
weeks before I moved out. I was selling most all of what is pictured here.
I had to downsize because I was renting out my darling cottage 
and moving in with my sister and her family. 
I made the decision to do this after almost two years of being unemployed.
I did not want to go and I really did not want to give up all of my "things"
I thought my heart would be broken and that everything 
would be hard and painful.

I have not regretted it ..........ever!
Yes I loved my little cottage and all of my STUFF
and I thought I would live out the end of my days there.
God had other plans for me and he has blessed me beyond measure.
It was such a good move for me and one that never would 
have happened if not for the downturn
in the economy. 
What I thought would destroy me and my financial future did not. 
I now live in a beautiful home, very close to the beach, with family.
This has been really good for me and living with Kerri, Lowell, Nick, 
and Michael (my son) helps me to be more giving and
to think of others more. 
Lots of people ask me if it is hard to share space with
family and it really hasn't been in our case. It is not perfect.
But it is really close to being perfect.

My little cottage was once featured on the cover of Romantic Homes. 
I thought that was the best thing that ever happened to me, 
that I would live there forever and continue to 
collect all the little treasures that I loved. God has other plans for me, 
I hope they are all as good as this plan was,

but if not I hope I choose to go where he leads..............


Thursday, April 8, 2010


Forget-Me-Not Flowers. 
They are so cute and 
I have quite a collection of the little 
and  two hats just
covered in them.


When I see them 
all I can think about is spring.
I put them everywhere
and I have been decorating with them.
I will show you a cute project 
that I am working on 
as soon as I am finished with it.
They just make me so 

I was able to spend yesterday with one of my two new business partners. 
She will be helping me make my fleurs 
since the new job is keeping me too busy to work on them as much as I need to. 
I could have hired people to just make them but 
I wanted to get other women involved in being able to make money creating.
Stay tuned for more of our adventure. 
Lydia and Kara will both bring so much to Fille de Fleur. 
I am really excited!

As you may of noticed I have a new look. Really plain and simple and I just LOVE it!
If I want to add more later I can. I loved working with 
Karen Valentine of Valentine Designs.
She really listens and she is so patient and kind. You should go visit her 
and see if she can do something for you too. 
Just click on my favorites to the right, her blog My desert Cottage will take 
you right to her studio. 

Thanks for being here and I will be back soon with my little project.