Friday, September 25, 2009

New Offerings

Here is my latest collection. These are all going to Paula my favorite
place to buy Clothes.
You can visit their shop in Tustin, Ca. or you can click here to visit
their website. You will be enchanted!

This is a headband that I was thinking of for a blonde.
since I name all of my pieces I will introduce you
to them all by name.

These are hair clips but can also be worn as pins. They do not put holes in your
Ginger, Tilly, & Betty.

These are my favorite colors for fall.
I love autumn red.

I made two of these Cocktail hats. The leaves are wired
so you can adjust them to suit your mood.

Feathers add a nice touch. Feathers are everywhere
right now.
Theda & Georgia

Another clip for the white collection.

More feathers and my sisters favorite "crunchy" clip. We call it that
because it is starched.
Tilly and Taylor

This is my personal favorite. Again a clip, I love
all the colors, you can wear it with almost anything.

The second cocktail hat.


So if you would like to see these in person and take one home go in and visit them
at Paula today!

I have been MIA once again. Getting ready for Glitterfest, going back to work,
and starting real estate school is taking time away from
me getting to write on my blog.

Making the decision to go back to school and to go back to a real career will
impact the time that I can devote to Fille De Fleur.
I don't know where my little business will end up but it has been successful
and rewarding. I love to create one of a kind pieces and when
I get a new order it is thrilling!
I hope to be able to continue as stress relief.

Will I continue this blog and continue the relationships I have started?
I certainly hope so!

The comments that I receive have been wonderful,
and I love visiting all of you.

Each person I visit has such great perspective, Ideas, visual impact, and I am able to
see life from other points of view. This really opens up
my world and connecting with others is
what it is all about!

Hope to be back soon and I will be over to visit all of you too,

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sprucing up

On Labor day I went to Macy's with about a million other people. I was
looking for some clothes to add to my working
wardrobe now that I will be going back to work. But I entered the store
by going through the bedding department and was able to find a new
duvet and some shams that were SO on sale! The duvet was originally $175.00
marked down to $40.00 and the euro shams were marked down to $18.00 from $68.00.
I like the pattern Wildflowers.
It is very different from what I usually pick but it is so soft
and it looks really fresh.
Of course all of this meant that I needed to refresh the room. I had so much fun
doing it and I thought I would share............

I will be getting a feather insert which will make it much more luxurious
I will also purchase a dark fitted sheet to contrast the underside of the duvet.
I also need an
accent pillow so to give you an idea of what I will be looking for
I put a tray there that is close to the
size and shape I would like.

So then I wanted to fix the dresser that has never been the way I wanted it to be....

I was able to turn the mirror the other way which is good for me to be able to see
when I put my jewelry on.

The sweet little bird dish that my sister Kerri gave me used to be used
for soap in the bathroom
but is now where I keep things that I take off after a long day
then at the end of the week I return everything back to the drawer.

As always Georgie was with me every step of the way and nothing was moved
without his approval..............After all it is his room too!