Monday, February 15, 2010

New Fleurs and A MESS!

I have added some new Fleurs to my shop and I wanted to share them with you. 
I got some new molds and was happily creating away 
  I realized I MUST stop and study for my 
Real Estate test. It is less than two
weeks away and I have to Pass!
(say a prayer for me if you remember)
I also wanted to post this before I started 
to study because who knows when I will be back!
I love these new ruffle fleurs. 
They have inspired me to come up with some new ideas for Home Decor. 
This little jewelry chest will look so cute with these 
attached and finished with some cute centers.
 As an embellishment on baskets.
Or sewn on pillows?
  They are also really cute on headbands.
I have made a few to get ready for Glitterfest.

Anyway now I must put this all away 
which is hard When you are on a roll
and hit the books!

Oh yes and I promised you a mess............

The outside of the house which is my bedroom wall, 
is now gone and I am sleeping in the living room like the 
Buckett family In Willy Wonka.
On top of that this is what the inside of my bedroom looks like now....

If you look at my last post this picture
is taken from the exact same place
as the one of my bed and side table.
Can you believe it?

It is all going to be fixed in a week or two 
and then I will be getting down to 
business deciding on the finishes. 
I have been considering velvet. 
What do you think? 

Monday, February 8, 2010

There is a wonderful give away at Dreams Intertwined in honor of a 200th post aniversery. 
I entered and am crossing my fingers to win as it is an Anthropologie gift certificate! The more people who enter the bigger the dollar amount of the certificate. Cool.
I love, love that store. 
Stop in and meet Heidi She is from Chicago and I loved getting to know about her and her great Etsy shop. 
~Good luck to us all~

On another note those of you who stop by and visit know that we moved several months ago
and I have been redecorating the house and my bedroom. 
Well with all the rain my room which is the front 
of the house got some kind of a leak and one of my walls and carpet are going to be 
replaced. Major redesign is now going to happen!
I am kind of happy because the room was not exactly  the way I wanted it.........
So this is a good excuse change it.
I will post about it when it is done. 

So I will leave you with a before picture 
(that used to be an After)
Is that confusing?

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Modonna Inn

This past weekend I took a trip with my sister and sister-in-Law 
up to Cambria to see my mom. 
On the way home we stopped for a bathroom break at the Madonna inn. 
I had never been there before and was delighted with the experience. 
We did not eat there but the coffee shop was so 
old fashioned that I felt I was back in time. 
This is a picture of a cake that was one of many 
really beautiful cakes
in their bakery.
I had to take a picture of the carpet! 
It is even more pink in person.
 I will leave you with a picture of why we stopped in that day
If you get a chance to stop by the Madonna Inn
you won't be dissapointed!
It is a one of a Kind experience.