Thursday, July 30, 2009

Studio Update

Well this little lady was not ready when I posted my studio for the party.
That always happens to me when I do a party.
I leave something
out because I have forgotten it or can not get it together in time.

Do you like the large flower at her waist? It is my newest creation
inspired by Dustjacket attic. She had a picture of a Lacroix fashion show you must see over
at her blog.

So I am leaving for a week long camping trip with our church.
My daughter Mandy is coming with me
She is 24 and is going with me because I really wanted her to, how sweet is she?

and .............................we are staying in a trailer!
No tent for me this year!

So I will be back to write to all of you who left me comments from the party
I have not gotten to that because I was trying to see
all the other great studios!

While I am gone stop by Michelle's Fairy dust dreams and see what I won in her
give away. How fun is that!
Also stop by and see Karen at my desert cottage too! She has some fun news!

Happy trails.......

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Today is Where Bloggers Create!

Here it is! See yesterday's post for the before pictures. I think this shows that you can take any little corner of your world and make some space to create.
Before I did this I worked at the dining room table.

Not only are there drawers that hold all of my "stuff" I am surrounded by
all of my favorite things that inspire and delight me.

The wonderful new piece above the buffet is by my talented sister Kerri Judd.
I am so fortunate to be surrounded by her talent
each and every day!

I love little drawers. These hold all the different centers I use for
my vintage velvet flowers.

This divided drawer in the buffet is perfect for all my molded blanks before
they are made into real flowers.

A close up of Kerri's Painting.

I love the large trug that I keep my velvet in, it used to hold wine until
Karen spurred me on to do this challenge! Thanks Karen!

I need to get a small table to hold this paper holder.
I will have fun looking for it.

I love old houses but right now we live in a newer space. These recessed shelves are wonderful
but we don't like the window. I gives off so much light that it gets in our eyes in the morning.
We taped up dictionary paper and problem is solved!

This chalk ware lamp is one of my very favorite things.
I made the lampshade from vintage

More original paintings from my sister.

When I sit at my table this is what I get to look at.
Georgie is my beloved Malti-poo.
He likes to lounge right near me.

All of the black drawers hold velvet molded flowers.
All of the boxes hold supplies and goodies
with which to create.

I found this basket at a tag sale in Cambria and thought it would be
great for all of my supplies. I like the old vintage flowers around me while I

My sewing basket. Essential.

This is an old plateau that I also got at the tag sale. The gal said the mirror was
broken so she added the linen. What a great way to display my

A birthday present from my friend Karen! Suzie Scott Design.
I love it!

Kerri wanted me to show you this. It is her favorite thing.

I love little dogs. The silver one is a cookie cutter.
I also love letters and numbers.
I needed to spell out GEORGIE.

Kim, Kerri, and Kevin.
(me, sister, brother)

Is this not the cutest little girl? Oh it is Kerri!

I love old boxes.

Another tag sale find. I added the vintage wallpaper. It is the perfect
magnetic board for me.

A close up of my girls. The one below is cute with fresh flowers too.

I hope you enjoyed this tour.
Now move on to the next one, you don't want to miss a thing!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Where Bloggers Create!

When I began blogging I had no idea that I would be so inspired and encouraged to have fun by being a part of the events and parties that I had read about
in the past.

It always seemed so fun and exciting to become part of "Pink Saturdays," "White Wednesday's" etc. but I never did. Well I guess I needed a push to get this done so here I am getting inspired and excited as I prepare
for Where bloggers create.
These pictures are of a small nook in our family room that was unused and seemed
too small for anything let alone a studio space.

Well this Friday stop by and take a peek of all the participants and view the spaces they have carved out for their own.
Karen at My Desert Cottage is the sponsor. Hop on over to see who
else is on board.
I will be showing you all what I have been up to on Friday so stay tuned!

I should be done!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Saltwater Shellabration

Last Saturday was a wonderful home tour and
shell class with Judy Mackey.
We were treated to
a home tour, lunch, and a class on making
a shell pin.

Judy is very talented and so gracious to open her home and share
her artistry with us. I took many pictures to share with you
so enjoy!

Judy made this book cover that holds pictures of her art.

My favorite vignette, these vintage lamps were decorated with shells
and then topped off with darling shades!

Can you even imagine? The time and creativity!


Her home is full yet calm and relaxing. Her placement of her artwork is stunning!

Hello! Perfect!

This piece was created using a little tykes toy! We were all shocked that she
was able to make this out of that.

Thanks to Georgia at Saltwater
for hosting this wonderful

I can not wait for the next