Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Beautiful Cambria

I wanted to start with this picture because this is what you see from my mom's porch that is right outside the guest house which is
the picture below

Our door

Here are a couple of sneak peaks of my favorite store Birds Of a Feather. I will share more later because I took so many pictures of the trip I need to split it up!

Below are some of the wonderful sights around town. Flowers, Fruits and Veggies...

I will write more later this is just some fun stuff to look at till I can collect my thoughts and describe the beauty and wonder of this place. My sister and I had a great time with my Mom and Step dad, Thank You!

Can you believe the colors and beauty of these
flowers? They look like little fairy skirts! I love them and was in heaven to see
all of these. I will be back with more............


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Great photos - thanks for sharing.

our~shabby~attic said...

WOW! Love that view. I can't wait to hear all about it. Patti

Denise said...

Cambria is my favorite paradise on the central coast. This community has a way of putting you under a spell and delivering a calmness upon your body and soul only to enjoy complete relaxation. I loved my stay at Susan and Richard's in their beautiful home. The magnificent view from the deck is perfectly paired with a glass of wine while listening to crashing waves and watching the sun disappear upon the horizon. Cheers! Denise

Duchess of Tea said...

Kim darling, I just discovered your site and I love it love it. What a beautiful banner and background and everything else looks soooo lovely. I just had to join your followers and have already placed a link to your site on my beau-TEA-ful blog site. I am at work now, but will return on my off day to read your posts. If you get a chance stop by my cottage and visit me too, and if you have a moment please join my followers, I will sincerely appreciate it so that we can spread the news about our blogs.

Have a sunny day, I will be back

Duchess xx

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Beautiful flower/produce pics. Hollyhocks - Swoon!!