Saturday, October 31, 2009

Crown Class

This Thursday my sister Kerri and I leave for Cambria California to teach this class.
We will also be making a couple of cute ornaments out of maps and old paper.
I will bring back pictures.

The week after we get back we are moving! Yes we did this just seven months ago but this time we are SO happy. The house we are moving to is really wonderful
and just a hop skip and a jump to the sand!
Since the home is so different I will be changing up the decor.
Stay tuned for some after pictures. Here are a few befores.

We are so thankful for our new home. There is plenty of room for our whole family
to come for Thanksgiving.
Also we will have a "before" House warming party. I will shoot some pictures once the
furniture is in. Then we will have a ways to go to get the place shaped up.
I guess I will have to start shopping again. Yea!

Till next time have a wonderful weekend.

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Montage

There is a place here in Southern California that is what I think of as heaven here on earth.
How could anything be more beautiful?
In October Laguna Beach has some of the most beautiful sunsets around.
I spent most of this month house sitting in Laguna for my Dad and Step mom, they asked me
to take care of this little bundle of joy....
She is Georgie's cousin.
She is so adorable and her daily walk is at the
Montage Hotel and resort.
I am soooooo lucky!

The weather was nearly perfect and the views are spectacular.

The coastline veiws are amazing.

These are custom homes built alongside the hotel and if you purchase one you get all the
amenities that the hotel guests do. Even Room service!

They water all their plants with brown water. Very conservasionistic.
Spell check says I just made up a word.

When you walk along these wonderful paths above the sand you can use
clean and beautiful bathrooms. They are located
near this fish mural.
(hey this can be important after lots of coffee!)

Alas Georgie did not get to go. There are too many people there and he misbehaves.
He sat home and tried on some of my felted flower clips but
it did not help he was still grumpy.

If you are ever in So Cal you must stop by and see this gorgeous place.
Take some food and have a picnic. You will never forget it.