Friday, February 5, 2010

The Modonna Inn

This past weekend I took a trip with my sister and sister-in-Law 
up to Cambria to see my mom. 
On the way home we stopped for a bathroom break at the Madonna inn. 
I had never been there before and was delighted with the experience. 
We did not eat there but the coffee shop was so 
old fashioned that I felt I was back in time. 
This is a picture of a cake that was one of many 
really beautiful cakes
in their bakery.
I had to take a picture of the carpet! 
It is even more pink in person.
 I will leave you with a picture of why we stopped in that day
If you get a chance to stop by the Madonna Inn
you won't be dissapointed!
It is a one of a Kind experience.


Elyse said...

whoa! it's almost disney-like! thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

kim-i wish i had been with you. we could have taken that cake with us in the car and eaten it all the way home!! see you soon -georgia

Diane said...

That is an incredible place, it is always over the top!
Hugs, Diane

Angela Harris said...

I've only gone on 2 vacations in my whole life and one was to Cambria to stay at an ocean front hotel and tour the Hearst castle. My husband & I agreed we could easily live there! See the 3 posts starting here.
I am working on your order today :)
Will get them out to you soon!!
Angela Harris

June said...

Wow Kim this is a very pink place. I adore the carpet in there...and that bathroom!!!!! Aren't you so glad you took your bathroom break there?!

Old Lady in Training said...

I am so jealous!! I have ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted to go to the Madonna Inn!!!! Way to go!!