Monday, August 17, 2009

New Crown

My Sister and I have been invited to teach a Crown class in Cambria
on the first Saturday in November.
It is sponsored by the Calligraphy Association.
The crown can be personalized by the calligraphers or we can provide the paper
that is shown.

We will also be making three paper winter ornaments. I will post pictures of these
as soon as we figure out what they are going to be!
We kind of know that one will be a bird but the rest are up in the air.
It is hard to think winter right now.

If you are interested let me know and we can get more information to you.
It will be fun!


Anonymous said...

Oh that is so exciting~~Congrats to you both!! Your crown is just beautiful...can't wait to see your Christmas creations!


~Let Freedom Ring!~

blinkleblinkle said...

Beautiful crown! I'm looking forward to seeing the wonderful things you'll create at the workshop!!

BellaRosa said...

Oh Kim,. Congratulations on teaching that class, your crown is just gorgeous...oh how I wish I could stow away with you and take part in it :) I think it would be amazing :) I finally figured out how to follow blogs and for some reason a bunch of my blogs disappeared off my favorites list on Internet Explorer so now that I refinding them I am following them, hopefully like this I won't lose them again :) be happy and always creating your beauties. Rose

BellaRosa said...

one more thing...Please send me more information on the class as it becomes available...Thank you so much Kim :) Rose

Anonymous said...


having a give away. 200th post.
karen eileen

Elyse said...

if you take your class on-the-road to the east coast, i'm in! if not -- have fun!