Monday, August 31, 2009


OK so I have been busy and have not been here..... we all take breaks sometimes right?
This is what I have been up to..............

I went to buy some Pom Poms for the headbands I am making for a local clothing shop
and was not pleased with what was out there,
so I wondered, how hard could it be to make my own?

And since am making my molded flowers out of felt right now
I want felted balls.

I check out my favorite shop for classes but they don't seem to have any that teach the fine art of ball making! Plus I wanted to make them NOW.

Sooooooo $100.00 dollars later
I am teaching myself how to make all sorts of felted things, and I am getting
It is so
fun! It is so rewarding! It is so expensive!

The expense is partly due to the fact that
I have had some "mishaps"
and that I am going crazy with ideas and trying out different techniques
in a flurry of felting madness.

What you see above is some of what I have been up to and there is much more
in various stages littering my studio and the dining room table too!
I kind of spilled out all over the place in my frenzy.

I am hoping to have a model soon
(My niece has generously offered since I always said she should be a model.)
and I think the pictures will be much better than this last one of a headband on a cantaloupe!

See you all soon with more..................

Monday, August 17, 2009

New Crown

My Sister and I have been invited to teach a Crown class in Cambria
on the first Saturday in November.
It is sponsored by the Calligraphy Association.
The crown can be personalized by the calligraphers or we can provide the paper
that is shown.

We will also be making three paper winter ornaments. I will post pictures of these
as soon as we figure out what they are going to be!
We kind of know that one will be a bird but the rest are up in the air.
It is hard to think winter right now.

If you are interested let me know and we can get more information to you.
It will be fun!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Santa Monica Flea Market

This is Buttercup.
We met her at the Santa Monica Flea Market a couple of weeks ago
when we went looking for vintage frames for
my daughters glasses.
What a cutie!

This dye display was in almost perfect condition.
We were so amazed to see one like this.

I did not need this but boy did I want it!
My love of cubbies and drawers is legendary.
I just missed out on small green metal drawers this past weekend
When out at tag sales.
So sad.

I loved these quilts. The colors are wonderful.


I managed to find a small pink dresser that needs a little TLC for my studio. Other than
That we got two cute vintage frames to make into glasses for Mandi.
I do have some self control.

On another note Bonnie from Birds of a Feather featured my flowers on her blog! How sweet of her.

If you are in her area don't miss a chance to stop in and say Hi.
Her shop
is a wonderful place to be and to see!