Thursday, April 8, 2010


Forget-Me-Not Flowers. 
They are so cute and 
I have quite a collection of the little 
and  two hats just
covered in them.


When I see them 
all I can think about is spring.
I put them everywhere
and I have been decorating with them.
I will show you a cute project 
that I am working on 
as soon as I am finished with it.
They just make me so 

I was able to spend yesterday with one of my two new business partners. 
She will be helping me make my fleurs 
since the new job is keeping me too busy to work on them as much as I need to. 
I could have hired people to just make them but 
I wanted to get other women involved in being able to make money creating.
Stay tuned for more of our adventure. 
Lydia and Kara will both bring so much to Fille de Fleur. 
I am really excited!

As you may of noticed I have a new look. Really plain and simple and I just LOVE it!
If I want to add more later I can. I loved working with 
Karen Valentine of Valentine Designs.
She really listens and she is so patient and kind. You should go visit her 
and see if she can do something for you too. 
Just click on my favorites to the right, her blog My desert Cottage will take 
you right to her studio. 

Thanks for being here and I will be back soon with my little project.



Julie said...

Hi, Kim! So glad I found your lovely blog today! I'm your newest follower & I'll be back often to say hello & see what you're up to...

I love those sweet little vintage flowers, too--they really make me happy!

Hope your day is just wonderful!

stefanie said...

I am with you!!! I love the little forget me nots!!!!

Elyse said...

hi kim,

when i saw the title of your post, i hoped it would be about forget-me-not millinery flowers. i just adore them!

adorable post :)


June said...

Kim I love those sweet little flowers. What a bowlful of candy.

I love your new look. It is perfect! Karen has been busy beautifying some lovely blogs lately. She is so very talented.
It was wonderful to get your comment. It really is good to back to blogging.

Charlene said...

Your flowers are so pretty. I am so wishing I could go to Glitterfest. Are you ready? I am going to Petticoats & Parasols that weekend but, good luck with your sales. Charlene

Patty said...
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