Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Blog

There is a new blog in town!
The Glitterfest Gazette.
It is dedicated to a biannual 

 event that is hosted by 
Diane White and Sheryl Simpson of the fantastic
Whimzy shop which is located in Old Towne Tustin.

They started Glitterfest so that Artists could

show and sell their creations, and as a participant 
I can tell you it is a blast!
I met so many fantastic people.

The blog features artist interviews and this 
time it is Christie Repasy.

I love her paintings. They are of  flowers so what is not to love?
There will also be information and pictures posted before and after each
event so add this blog to your must reads!

The next Glitterfest is May 22nd so mark your calendars
This is not to be missed!


Elyse said...

good to know so thank you for sharing!


June said...

Kim I am so glad you let us in on this. I have to go check it out since I am a Christie 'freak'! Thank you!