Monday, January 25, 2010

So Amazing

God is so amazing!
This was really the most beautiful sunset I have
ever seen. In person it was so much more vivid.
The land you see beyond the palms
is Catalina Island.
We rarely get such a clear view.

These were taken on January 6th.
I wish sometimes I had a better camera
but if I did I probably would not be able to work it!
My friends Dave and Lora were with me.
We decided to do some after Christmas shopping at
Fashion Island in Newport Beach.
This was the best thing we got that day far and away!

Well we did get some amazing cheesecake too!
Have you ever had carrot cake cheesecake?
Don't try may become addicted.

Have a Loverly week!
I will be posting pictures of my living room after shots.
We are not done but it looks pretty good to me so far......
Stay tuned!


Elyse said...

beautiful pics, kim!

lucky for me i don't care for cheesecake. that's about the only thing though! LOL


BellaRosa said...

Kim amor...TOO LATE...I love carrot cake cheese cake and Godiva cheesecake and pumpkin pie cheesecake...well I guess you get the picture lol These pictures that you took are gorgeous!! That is one of the best things about So Cal...the amazing sunsets and sunrises...I also wanted to thank you for your lovely birthday wish, you guys made my WHOLE week! :) Hopefully one day we will get a chance to finally meet :) Are you still doing the crown class? Besos, Rose