Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sharon's House

I met Sharon a couple of years ago when my home
was featured on a home tour.
She was so sweet and said she loved my home and wanted to be
my new best friend. Well be careful what you wish for!
We love a lot of the same things and have had fun shopping
and creating together.
She recently wanted me to help her rearrange her living room.
Here are her before and afters.


We had so much fun and it is easy to make her home look great
with all of her wonderful treasures.
When I downsized she bought a lot of stuff from my house and
it was really great to see it again.
As with most redesign jobs there are a few things to add. The empty white urn
on the fireplace will be beautiful when she adds a fern.

The main goal was to make it less country, cutesy, cluttered, and do
more of a comfortable farmhouse feel. I think we achieved that,
don't you?
It is really my passion to do redesign work. I wish it was my main job.
But for now I do it part time and love every minute of it!


Elyse said...

hi kim,

you did a beautiful job! i used to love the HGTV show "decorating cents" and on the 2nd part of the show they would do a makeover using things the person already had throughout their home. this reminds me of that! even better though. :)

i hope you make your wish come true because you are very talented!


June said...

Kim, Sharon's home is beautiful and even more beautiful after you got your hands on it. Love the before and after picks.
I've heard about the NYDJ jeans and I think I will give them a try. Maybe they will pass muster with my daughter's. LOL

Anonymous said...

I think you two did a beautiful job. It looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...
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BellaRosa said...

Kim amor, I think you did a beautiful job, your friend Sharon has come beautiful things...oh wait sooo..where was I when you were selling some of these items...hmmm??? I could sneak one more thing past mr wonderful :) Besos, Rose