Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Angel Babies

Good Morning,

I have been blessed with two little angels this week while their Mommy in away on vacation. Above are some pictures of these precious babies.......
Betsy is the first one she is the protector of little Winnie. They started off pretty shy but now they run to me and climb right up on my lap, then they try to keep going and I think they are really trying to get on top of my head!

Here is a picture of my little boy Georgie...............

All he wants to do is play with these two ladies. Alas they are a little more reserved.................but as yesterday wore on they let loose and had a wonderful time in the grass under a cloudy cool sky. Betsy lost her barrette in all the mayhem. .......fun but today everyone is tired.
Here it is not even 9:00 AM and they are all sleeping......I mean snoring!

I guess this is my cue to go get some flowers done and post them in my etsy shop later today. Always take advantage of sleeping babies I say!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim~
Welcome to bloggie-land!I just popped over from Dawn's The Feathered Nest.
These little pups are just adorable~~love their little faces!
Your blog is just too cute and I love your flowers..will check out your etsy shop too!
Take care,

Anonymous said...

Betsy thanks you.

Winnie Thanks you.

Above all... I thank you... for watching the girls while me and the boys were on vacation.....they are happy at my feet every minute.

Doggy hugs,
Karen Eileen

Duchess of Tea said...

Darling I now have read all your archived posts, great reading and fatastic photos. Please come over my cottage and join my followers.