Monday, June 22, 2009

Busy Weekend

Well I am back after a wonderfully busy weekend. I took lots of pictures to share with you and since it was so busy I am going to share Saturday now and Sunday later............

My best friend since junior high is Lora. She and I have now been friends for 38 Years! That is a long time. We have never had a real fight which is amazing and over the years we have had many adventures that we laugh about to this day. I hope that everyone has a friend like Lora in their life.

So anyway when she asked me to go out to her folks house to take her dad to breakfast for fathers day I was up for it......then she said we could go to the barn sale La Maison Rustic too I was even more up for it!

Lora's Parents live on a beautiful ranch in the French Valley near Lake Skinner. They own race horses that they take very good care of each day which is lots of work when you are supposed to be retired! I got some pictures of their newest babies that are under a year old. So cute.

Then we went out to the Barn sale. Lots of new stuff since I had been there last. Linda does such a great job with display. I am always inspired and come home to change up something in my home to reflect what I have seen.

I got to meet Deb from Breathing beside us and she is really nice. I told her I have been reading her blog for a while now and feel like I know her, she is just as real and nice in person as she is in blogland. Her bags and t-shirts are really great and so well done. She uses only the best materials and it really shows. Silk velvet on the inside of the bags is just yummy! I am going to put her in my friends and favorites when I can figure out how to do that so you can find her wonderful blog.

I also met Marie Vollaire. Great name! Lora gave me some wonderful pillows that Marie made for Christmas. She does upholstery too. She did a chair for Lora that is a real work of art. What a talented woman who is as nice as can be. I love her work. See her pillows and a chair at the top of this page.

Well as you can see I have not mastered the picture with text feature on the blog. I will work on that when my friend Karen gets back from vacation, Till then I will add another posting with pictures only of the barn sale and Serendipity, my favorite shop in Temecula which is where we landed after the Barn Sale.

A really wonderful day with old friends, new friends, and beautiful things to drool over and buy. What could be better, Thanks Lora!