Thursday, June 25, 2009

It was in her bag!

On Fathers day last Sunday my step Aunt Kathy brought a bag of goodies! It was full of treasures that she wanted to show us from her Mother. I took lots of pictures to share since we do not see these things every day. Take a look................

Here is Kathy with the bag.......

Inside was this wonderful old shirt insert called a dickey. Look at the detail. When we looked at the label inside we were surprised and delighted to see who wore this........

Tyrone Power!

I could not resist placing my velvet flowers on this incredible beaded piece. I even put some of these pictures on Etsy.

Look at the detail and color on this!

We were all allowed to pick a bag and it was so hard to choose. Kathy was so generous to share!

My Daughter picked this one which she proclaimed as her favorite immediately! She gets her good taste from me......

Oh here is my Dad and Step mom. This is what we all got together for! (got carried away by the goodies) Happy Fathers day dad! I love you!

Kathy made this very cute large cupcake cake. I think it is so cute! And it was delicious. We had a wonderful time.

Two of my children Mandy my daughter and Georgie. Mandy and my son Michael have left the nest but I still have Georgie so I am not without someone to mother!
I will be back later today to give details of the Paris to the Moon sale. You don't want to miss this one!


Anonymous said...

What fabulous treasures in that bag! That dickey is many things you could do with it...and the little purses are stunning! Beautiful family!

Connie said...

Kimberly sweetpea, no, I didn't make that slipcover. I got it online from a catalog store for $339.00 and that's a steal because I had one made for a sofa once that cost me $800.00 and that was over 20 years ago! I don't see that they have anymore but this one has been washed and washed and washed and put right back on - NO ironing for me. Just the shabby look.

Thanks for visiting with me and I'll keep in contact with you. Our son lives in Moreno Valley by Riverside and we go back once or twice a year to visit with him so let me know if there are any places around that I should NOT miss shopping at!!! LOL


Gilding the Lily said...

Hi Kim! I made it! Glad you got the blog comment thing sorted is looking beautiful, and thank you for sharing those wonderful treasures. Hugs, N

Virginia said...

Hi Kim,

I love love love purses! The ones you have pictured are absolutely beautiful... Thanks for sharing them with us. Your blog page is so pretty... I see mine seriously needs some work..LOL

debbie said...

Dear Kimberly,
This is my first time to your ohhhh sooooooo beautiful blog. I love is like going home...that feeling of warmth and belonging.
Geogie is so dear Sammy the schnauzer, spacey the cat and andy, the cat all welcome geogie to blogland and warn him....mother might not play ball as much when you hear the computer come on.
You have a beautiful daughter and the cupcake looks delicious.but those purses are to sing a song for...falafala
If I didn't live in oklahoma I would love to visit serendipity....I would love to have a green house that looked like that.
enjoyed visiting your beautiful blog.

TattingChic said...

Wow! What a cool find in that bag! I blog hopped over here from "The French Gardenhouse" where she had the loveliest introduction for your blog!

Your velvet flowers are beautiful! :)

Joy said...

Hi Kim, I come by way of Lidy's blog. You have a beautiful spot here. I love your daughter's glasses! She wears them well. :o)

p.s. the history behind that dickey is amazing!